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Dongguan Yiwei Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. Since its establishment, we have always been customer-centric, adhering to all strengths, and fully satisfying customer needs. Through our continuous efforts, we have formed a complete industrial chain from product design and development, product production to product process improvement in terms of hardware zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting, copper-aluminum product forging, CNC machining, etc. The company has 5,000 tons of forging equipment, 3,000 tons of forging equipment, 1,250 tons of aluminum alloy die-casting equipment, 280 tons of die-casting equipment, and 88 tons of aluminum alloy die-casting equipment. 10 sets of 850/650CNC, 3 sets of four-axis machining centers, 4 sets of CNC lathes, 4 sets of core machines, which can meet the production and development of customers' diversified products; it can meet the development requirements of customers from simple to complex products. In the forging field, our company has a strong development team, and maintains long-term cooperation and in-depth research with industry experts. He has extensive experience in the field of new energy vehicles and medical care.