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Advantages of spoke wheels and die-cast wheels for motorcycles


      The spoke wheel (hereinafter referred to as the spoke wheel) was invented by Renault in 1869. It was used for bicycles and later developed into motorcycles and automobiles. The spokes were invented very early, and the technology was very mature. It has the following advantages:

      1. Reel coefficient, good elasticity, and good impact resistance. Because the overlapping strips with high elasticity and high replacement are received on a wheel hub along the tangent analysis direction, the external market impact can be buffered and dispersed by the overlapping strips over time, making the wheel products The moment of impact is weakened. All the famous cars of the world cross-country motorcycle championship use reels. All mountain city bicycles also use reels. Imagine the discomfort of riding a board-wheeled bicycle on mountain roads.
      2. The wire wheel is light in weight, and the air flow resistance is small when rotating. The use of wire wheels for small-displacement vehicles can help students improve their work thrust/weight ratio, the conversion of thrust-to-weight ratio, and the acceleration and climbing performance of the vehicle are getting better. In terms of competitiveness, they are smaller than those of the same model.
      3. The purchase/maintenance/replacement cost of steel wire wheels is lower than that of the same model, and the accessories are longer. If damaged, good products can be found in remote areas.

      Die casting wheels, commonly known as plate wheels and columns, have their main advantages:

      1. The plate wheel has good rigidity and fast torque transmission. Due to the fault of the reel, the torque transmission lags behind the disc wheel, the reel is not suitable for large-displacement racing cars with huge instantaneous torque, so it is rare for a car without a disc wheel. The disc-shaped grinding wheel can withstand large loads, but if the impact is too large, it will cause irreversible deformation or cracks (some of which are very subtle and difficult to detect). Those who like to use the scooter as an off-road vehicle should pay attention.
      2. The eccentricity of the flat wheel is generally better than that of the same grade. As long as the precision of the mold is high, the eccentricity of the plate wheel can be controlled very low, and the linear wheel must consider factors such as length error. Therefore, when the wheel speed is high, the plate wheel is relatively stable and the vibration caused by the eccentric center of gravity is small, which is also beneficial to the high-speed car. stability.
      3. If the plate wheel is not subject to a large instantaneous impact, it is generally more durable than a steel wire wheel, and is more rust-proof and corrosion-resistant than a steel wire wheel.


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