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Die casting coating

1. What is die casting coating?
Answer: During the die-casting production process, spray lubrication system materials and thinners on the cavity wall, core surface, mold and die-casting machine friction parts (such as sliders, ejector elements, punches and injection chambers) The mixture is commonly known as my country's die-cast metal coating.
2. What is the function of die casting coatings?
Answer: (1) Maintain good lubrication performance at high temperatures;
(2) In order to avoid the erosion effect of high-temperature molten alloy on the surface of the cavity, prevent the phenomenon of mold sticking, and improve the working conditions of the model;
(3) Improve the formability of the alloy by reducing the thermal conductivity of the model and maintaining the fluidity of the molten alloy
(4) Reduce the friction between the casting and the mold forming technology part of the enterprise, thereby reducing the wear of the core and cavity, extending the service life of the mold and improving the quality of the casting surface.
3. What are our requirements for die-casting coatings?
Answer: (1) The volatilization point is low, and the dilution energy volatilizes quickly at 100~150℃.
(2) Good coatability;
(3) No corrosive influence on model and casting;
(4) Good lubricity;
(5) Stable performance;
(6) No special smell, no harmful gas will be precipitated or decomposed at high temperature;
(7) Simple preparation process;
(8) Abundant supply and low price.
4. What are the commonly used aluminum alloy die-casting coatings?
Answer: (1) Graphite + engine oil, used for the development of forming technology, with more injection punches and more injection chambers;
(2) Oil + bitumen, the ratio is 85/15, the bitumen is heated to 80℃ and then melted, the oil is mixed evenly, which can prevent mold sticking.